Good news: Most of our workshops and dialogue formats are possible again, thanks to updated COVID-19 hygiene rules in Germany. Contact us for details. (Of course, we still do 'digital', too :)

Grow together.

Change from within.

We can’t change others. But we can grow together. Find inspiration. And move. Move mountains. Change from within. Feel joy from within. I call it Social Energy.


About me

I help organizations and individuals grow from inside — as organizational developer, facilitator, keynote speaker,  coach, and author. At this, I source from a profound background, with an MSc in Physics and Behavioral Economics, 18 years in international innovation management, and deep training in agile transformation, coaching, buddhist psychology, and embodiment.

What Clients Say

In 25 years I've worked with hundreds of companies in Germany and abroad. I'm grateful for this amazing opportunity, and for everybody's heartfelt feedback.

"The weekend with you was our absolute highlight" (CPO)
"You're a mind opener who lets everybody feel heard" (CFO)

"Never before we've had so much aliveness" (CEO)

Let transformation start with ourselves.

As human beings we‘re all creative, resourceful and whole. We need no fixing. Deeply inside we‘re sovereign and benign. 

To grow, we just need the right context to speak openly about what truly matters to us. Someone who listens; who takes us seriously. And sometimes a deep question that helps us move on. 

Then transformation happens. From within ourselves. Let's discover what truly matters to you and the people around you. Let's make room for you to be the change you want to see.

What I do.

Ulf Brandes facilitates transformation from within — with organizations, communities and individuals. At 25 years of experience, his work roots in 

  • a systemic scientific education as physicist and behavioral economist, 
  • an international management background at world-leading companies including more than 9 years at PayPal and Procter & Gamble, 
  • profound coaching, psychological and buddhist education including Co-Active Coaching at the world’s most distinguished coaching institute, 
  • modest popularity as renowned author of two books and a film, 
  • 10+ years in charity roles as founder of several nonprofit organizations,  
  • and last not least, his life as married father of three children in Berlin