Who I am.

How I work.

Every child knows how much more there's to life than just status and money. Here, classic Economics and businesses can learn a lot from Neuroscience and Psychology. For me, life and work are about resilience and joy. About sustaining crises in community. About loving what is. About growing together, from inside.

Hence, much of my work is about helping organizations and leaders build capacity for resilience, joy, and inner growth. By creating safe spaces for discovery, for honest dialogue, for trust, and for trying new ways of working together and being more truly who we really are.

Humans learn and develop from new experiences that add to our previous assumptions about life. My journey has been like this: believing at young age that knowledge is what matters in life; an MSc in Physics and Behavioral Economics; 18 years in mostly international management positions, including 9+ years at Procter & Gamble and PayPal — and learning from my wife and our three children how much more complete life is with wilderness, with emotions, and with a heartfelt purpose, besides knowledge alone.

I see a lot of top-down organizational transformation efforts fail. That’s typically when I come in to help rebuild trust, a shared vision, and organic co-regulation, i.e. to encourage people to self-organize rather than trying to control each other. 

At this, I work with leadership teams and keen individuals to develop transformation programs, facilitate dialogue, offer keynotes and workshops, and provide individual coaching.

Transformation from within — for organizations, communities and individuals.

Sustainability, Digitalization, Agility: Organizational Development is all about culture. How can we be the change we want to see? Begin your journey today. 

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