Grow together.

Powerful change roots within all of us. Organizational Development is the art of hosting transformative processes from within each of us, together. Ideally, we make a transformative experiences that change how we see the world. That's at the core of what we do. Learn what you can begin now without further ado.

Transformation as a service?

BRANDES WORK LIFE facilitate organic transformative processes for courageous leaders and their organizations to grow together and change from within.

Much of our work is taylor-made for the specific needs of your organization. Here are a few of our offerings that you can order as packages, just off the shelf. 

Explore our packages for you and your people:

Reconnect with each other.

Bring your people together now.

The pandemic has alienated many of us from what we've loved: Our team. Our work. Simple joys. Invest 1 or 2 days to reconnect your people, and build aliveness. To know and to strengthen what you can expect from each other.

(available on-site & online)

Connect with inner nature.

See yourself and the world anew.

Times of uncertainty tend to challenge our analytical minds. Nature is a place where knowing ends. Let wilderness coaches and nature herself guide you for 4 or 5 days to thrive in the unknown through insights and emotions.

(available March–Nov)

Grow social energy in transformation.

Inspire change across the house.

Superficial "Change" won't change a lot. How can we go deeper, and most important: How can we set direction together? How can we set a course that builds on what truly matters to you and your people? Connect for 2 days with your sense of purpose.

(available on-site & online)