Let's build resilient organizations.

To develop organizations, we need to start by deeply understanding ourselves. What do humans need, beyond money and status? How can we help each other develop? How do organizations grow together and thrive?

With in-depth case studies, practical workshop tools and numerous exercises, Social Energy is a profound inspiratorial for profound leaders to inspire profound change.

From controlling mindsets to mutual care: "An inspiration that makes us rethink our stereotypes" (BrandEins). Also available as audiobook.


Seeing is believing.

Can a workplace support teams at giving their best, and at growing to their full potential — for their own good, for the company, and for the world? We know: The answer is 'yes'. And yet, most humans believe that work must suck, a boss must be bad, and the economy is about getting rich.

So we sallied out to film touching examples of working "at eye level", to invite dialogue about how meaningful work is possible at every organization. What had originally emerged at a go21 workshop, soon inspired thousands to support the project's funding and to invite their colleagues to watch the film and reflect their potential.

"The project has moved our economy"
Liberal Democratic Party, Germany


Work like tomorrow's leaders.

Management Y builds the bridge from a classical organization to the mindsets and methods of tomorrow's market leaders. How can we love and inspire our customers and staff, and give them what they need?

Management Y gets you to the heart of Agile, Scrum, Design Thinking and participative Leadership and Marketing — with 24 practical examples how to begin transformation today, and build an inspired group of change leaders.

Every organization can transform.
Book of the Year, 2014: "Must-read for 21st century leaders."