How can we enjoy life without destroying nature?

Sustainable transformation begins with ourselves. Because what we do emerges from what we believe. 

Healthy change is eco-liberal.

It's easy to seek control as a transformative leader. However: As we push people, we get their push-back. Healthy change seeks a purpose that roots inside us. A powerful purpose serves our ecosystem. Liberal change frees us to pursue it.

nect institute

A modern fireplace for transformational leaders to practice sustainable work styles and life.

Exceptional times call for exceptional people to lead by example. At nect institute, we believe that life roots in nature, inside and around us. Let the pandemic expand your potential. 

Outdoor experiences

Transformative Leadership is an enquiry into connection, purpose and conflict. Experience life's guidance in nature, inside and around us.

Digital experiences

Every likeminded soul is an ally in our quest. Grow your change leadership, and experience the power of natural connection — worldwide.

About nect institute

nect institute is a global project to explore eco-liberal pathways to sustainability. We believe that humans embrace sustainable work and life styles once we discover how much there's to gain in a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life. Our mission is to research and promote non-paternalistic approaches to sustainable societies.

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