What my Clients say.

Along my career, I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of companies in Germany and abroad, learning a lot from their different perspectives, and being asked to contribute to their various journeys of development. 

I'm grateful for this amazing opportunity, and for everybody's heartfelt feedback.

"The weekend with you was our directors' absolute highlight" (CPO)

"Never before we've had so much aliveness. The spirit of your keynote and workshop spreads quickly across the house" (CEO)

"It's remarkable how you, as our facilitator, model clear leadership as well as deep respect for diversity and inclusion" (Regional Manager)

"Our workshop sessions have intensely referred to your keynote. You've moved the people a lot, and built community and trust. What you said has initiated the openness to discuss really difficult topics" (Director People Development)

"You challenge us a lot, and the days are hard and demanding. We make great progress as a group" (Sales Director)

"What lets you shine, as keynote speaker: Your authenticity inspires connection and trust, although you're the only one speaking. Vulnerability is possible: That's what you bring across" (Facilitation Trainer and New Work pioneer)

"You're a mind opener who ensures that everybody feels heard" (CFO)

"Ulf Brandes helped us a lot to build a very strong change team in a very short time." (CEO)

"Culture and agility is not about tools, it's about a positive view of humans. You're modeling this very tangibly. And with your powerful images you've also inspired our sceptics. You understand people. That has had a lasting effect on us"  (CEO)

"It's such a joy to see the team follow through on our workshop results with so much spirit and motivation" (HR Director)

"Also, your flexibility at facilitating was really helpful: to sense and to hear what the group needs is such an important factor of our culture, and you've modeled this perfectly" (Organizational Developer)

"Once again, it's been so refreshing and encouraging to speak with you. Exactly what I needed" (HR leader)

"Our leaders have truly internalized agile mindsets and work styles now. I believe we can reduce training and coaching now. I'm very, very glad." (CEO and New Work pioneer)

"You gave us the key to turn our frustrations into passion to tackle the problem, to try an agile approach, and to see 'wow, it works! We'll never do it the old way again'" (Lead Engineer, now agile pioneer)

"Without your coaching I would have quit my job. You guided me through my crisis" (Construction Manager)

"Amazing how valuable it was to feel into my body, even over the phone. The resolution I developed during your coaching is still powerfully guiding my work and my life" (CEO)

"What you said about human needs has given us new perspectives that many of us relate to at work now. At our work group on "leading at eye level" I now have a practical idea of how I provide eye-level leadership." (Transformation Leader)

References available upon request.

Selected Clients.

Acando, Hamburg

Allianz, München

Allsafe, Engen

Andrä Solutions, Berlin

awaris, Köln

BayWa, Munich

BERA, Schwäbisch Hall

Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft, Hamburg

BNP Paribas, Nürnberg

Bundesverband deutsche Stiftungen, Berlin

Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft BVMW, Dreieich

Business Design People, Mannheim

comdirect Bank, Quickborn

Common Purpose Deutschland 

COSYNUS, Darmstadt

CPC, Stuttgart

Cultures Interactive, Weimar

DB Netz, Frankfurt

DB Station&Service, Berlin

DB Systel, Frankfurt

DB Vertrieb, Frankfurt

Deutsche Hotelakademie, Köln

Deutsche Messe, Hannover

Deutsche Reihenhaus, Bonn

EDGE Technologies, Berlin

Eisenmann, Böblingen

eobiont, Berlin

ESBZ Gemeinschaftsschule, Berlin

Festo, Esslingen

Franz Rechtsanwälte, Düsseldorf

GASAG, Berlin

German Design Council Foundation, Frankfurt

Google Germany, Berlin

Guidewire Software, Köln

GULP Information Services, Hamburg

HLMC Events, Oberhaching

Hood Group, München

Hypoport, Berlin

ICE International Copyright Enterprise, Berlin 

ista, Essen

Kalapa Academy, Köln

Lilly Deutschland, Bad Homburg

Lilly Europe, Vernier (CH)

Lufthansa, Frankfurt

Miebach Logistik Holding, Frankfurt

mobile.de, Berlin

Norton Rose Fulbright, München

Olympus Europa, Hamburg

oose, Hamburg

OrgWerk Organisationsberatung, München

Prefere Resins Holding, Erkner

Professional Management Network, Düsseldorf

ProPotsdam, Potsdam

PSD Bank, Nürnberg

RAG-Stiftung, Essen

REWE Gruppe, Köln

Robert Bosch Elektronik, Salzgitter

SAP, Walldorf/Heidelberg

Stadt Buxtehude

Stadtwerke Neumünster

Stadtwerke Potsdam 

Stiftung Berliner Mauer, Berlin

Swisscom, Basel (CH)

Sybit, Radolfzell

Technische Universität Berlin

Thost Project Management, Pforzheim

Toll Collect, Berlin

Universität der Künste Berlin

University of St.Gallen (CH)

Urban Catalyst, Berlin

Verbund Frau und Beruf, Braunschweig

Versicherungskammer Bayern, München

Vollmer & Scheffczyk, Stuttgart

wibas, Darmstadt

WM, Osnabrück

XING, Hamburg

Various conferences on New Work, Agility and Human Ressources